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September 23, 2016 - Photo contests page
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I'm in the process of deleting obsolete links and bringing the others up to date. The pages I've finished are listed above.


Nikkor Lenses Simulator

Do you ever wonder how different focal lengths might impact your photography? Check out Nikon's lens simulator, which simulates how different lenses ranging from wide to telescopic and different formats (FX and DX) can interact to create different photographs. Find it at

Nikon School & Workshops

Nikon holds schools and workshops throughout the country, covering Introduction to Digital (Saturdays), and Next Steps: Color, Light, Technology (Sundays). You can also learn to use the editing features of Capture NX 2 software to get the most from your images in Nikon's NS Capture NX 2 classes. To see if classes/workshops are coming to your area, check out the class schedule on Nikon's Learn & Explore page.



Photoshop Quick Tip
To see a full-screen preview of an image in the Mini Bridge panel, select its thumbnail view then press the spacebar. Press the spacebar again to return to the thumbnail view.

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